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Guangzhou leather leather appearance design patent presents blowout momentum

Release time:2020-11-17 Source:Dongguan Honghao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, enterprises have been pushing ahead with the resumption of production and production. With the fierce competition in the market, the awareness of intellectual property protection in innovative enterprises has been greatly improved. According to the statistics of Guangzhou Huadu (leather leather) intellectual property rapid maintenance center (hereinafter referred to as Huadu quick maintenance center), as of July 28, the intellectual property rights work of leather leather industry in the area has been up against the trend. A total of 1760 applications for rapid authorization of leather leather design patents and 1343 authorized patents have been received. At present, leather leather appearance design patents have been in a blowout momentum.
Leather leather industry is the pillar industry of Huadu District, with more than 40 years of development. With 100000 employees, it has formed a complete industrial chain in the upstream, middle and lower reaches. In recent years, Huadu has built an intellectual property innovation platform based on the fast maintenance center. On the basis of voluntary, Guangzhou leather leather leather intellectual property alliance has been established, which promotes the gathering of innovation elements to enterprises, improves the independent innovation ability of enterprises and forms the core competitiveness of industry.
At the same time, Huadu rapid maintenance center, aiming at the problems of hard online rights maintenance and slow maintenance of rights, continues to actively establish business communication channels with the state, provincial, Municipal Bureau, provincial association center and Zhejiang e-commerce dispatching center, and tries to solve the problems such as the poor way of enterprise rights protection; and jointly actively implements the regional linkage agreement on intellectual property rights protection mechanism with the District People's court, and actively sends out the jury of the center The staff participated in the trial of intellectual property cases; further strengthened the construction of Intellectual Property Alliance of leather leather products industry in Guangzhou (Huadu); visited and served enterprises together, integrated innovative resources, gave appropriate opinions and suggestions based on the actual situation of the enterprise, implemented accurate assistance and carried out series visits of road exploration transformation; fully exerted the advantages of integration of the functions of the reform of the major system, and strengthened the day The application of this model effectively solves the problem of "how to quickly and accurately lock up evidence" in intellectual property rights protection cases. It can really achieve the rapid establishment of cases and quick inspection of rights protection, greatly boost the confidence of enterprise rights protection, and further promote enterprise creation New enthusiasm.

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