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Analysis and Prospect of competition pattern and development trend of leather industry in 2020

Release time:2020-11-17 Source:Dongguan Honghao New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The modern leather industry began to develop rapidly in the middle of the 19th century. The industrial center was located in the developed countries with high level of industrialization and social economy for a long time. In the 21st century, under the wave of economic globalization, leather industry has gradually transferred to developing countries, forming a new pattern of global division of labor, cooperation and differentiated competition.
The leather industry in Europe, represented by Italy, Spain and Germany, has been shrinking year by year due to the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations. Asia has made great progress by making full use of rich raw leather resources, low labor cost and broad leather consumption market. It is an important raw leather and finished leather production base in the world. In particular, the leather industry in East Asia and Southeast Asia has risen rapidly. Represented by China, Vietnam, India and Thailand, the leather industry has made rapid progress, further occupying the international market, and paying more and more attention to improving the added value of products and developing deep processing of leather products. With Mexico, Argentina and Brazil as the representatives, the leather producing countries in America have gradually changed the role of raw leather supply to leather production by virtue of the advantages of raw leather resources and advanced leather manufacturing technology, forming competition with Asian leather producing countries.
With the process of global economic integration, the center of world leather industry is further transferred to China. As a pillar industry of light industry with international competition and a circular economy industry with high scientific and technological content, tanning industry plays an important role in the national economy, which undertakes the important tasks of prospering the market, increasing exports, expanding employment and serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". China has become one of the most active and potential leather markets in the world. Leather industry is an important industry in light industry, and also an important industry of national economy. It plays an important role in economic and social development. In order to support the rapid and healthy development of leather industry, the state and local governments have issued a series of industrial policies.
Generally speaking, leather used to be used in traditional fields such as leather shoes and furniture. In recent years, the market of shoe upper leather and furniture leather has become stable and mature. With the vigorous development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for the quality and grade of automobile interior decoration are gradually improved. Leather seats are more and more popular among consumers, and the demand is on a straight-line upward trend. In the future, automobile leather will become a leapfrog industry New growth point of development.
With the continuous development of animal husbandry, modern leather making technology is gradually mature, and residents' consumption level and consumption level are constantly improving, which promotes the gradual expansion of leather use field, driving the leather demand to increase year by year, and the global light leather output has shown an upward trend in recent years. According to the report on special investigation and analysis of China's leather market and investment prospect forecast in 2020-2026 released by CICC Enterprise Trust International Consulting Co., Ltd 》Statistics show that the global light leather production reached 15.63 billion square feet in 2016. Judging from the world production situation, the world's leather processing and marketing center has been transferred from Europe to Asia: the European regions represented by Italy, Spain, France and Portugal account for 27% and 18% of the world's leather production and raw material leather production respectively account for 27% and 18% of the world's leather production, raw material leather production in North America and Central America respectively account for 10% and 17% of the world's leather production, and South America's leather production accounts for 10% and 17% respectively The proportion of output and raw leather output in the world is 8% and 13% respectively; the proportion of leather production and raw leather production in Asia is 53% and 40% respectively. With the improvement of people's living standards and diversification of living needs, leather will continue to be widely used in leather shoes and clothing in the next few years. The rise of housing and automobile markets will further stimulate the demand for automobile cushion leather and furniture leather. It is estimated that the global leather production will maintain a growth rate of more than 5% in the future, and the global leather production may reach 19 billion square feet by 2020.
In addition, from the perspective of product trends, global consumers are increasingly demanding on fashion design, variety, grade and quality. The global leather industry has made continuous progress over the years, with more varieties, colors and styles, more advanced and perfect technology, more automatic and precise production equipment, and the overall trend of diversification, personalization, intelligence and green. The application of all kinds of functional leather chemicals can make the leather products reach the physical and chemical performance index, soft, plump, gorgeous, comfortable and natural feel, and make it have certain waterproof, antifouling, light resistant, washable and other characteristics according to the demand. The leather chemical industry is developing towards environmental protection, refinement and functionalization. The development trend of leather chemical industry in the future is to comprehensively implement clean production and energy saving and emission reduction technologies and realize sustainable development.

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